Funding for this program is provided by the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development.

KNEV will provide support for companies developing and commercializing products in the following areas:

- Alternative transportation fuels produced from coal, waste coal, biomass or extract oil from oil shale

- Synthetic natural gas

- Ethanol produced from food crops or cellulosic ethanol

- Any other fuel that is produced from a  renewable or sustainable source


Eligible Companies

  • Must be Kentucky-based and have 150 or fewer employees.
  • Must be developing/commercializing alternative fuel and renewable energy products, processes, and services.

Fund Summary

Companies seeking capital go through a rigorous due  diligence process and are judged in terms of industry fit, return on investment, and potential for economic development.

Grant: $30,000

  • Company must match the grant 1:1 through cash or in-kind services.
  • Funds must be used for approved business development activities.

Investment: Any amount over $30,000

  • Companies must match the fund's investment on a 1:1 dollar ratio.
  • Funds may be invested via convertible note or through direct stock.
  • Investments can only be made in a company organized as a C Corp. or as an LLC.

Learn more by visiting the Startups website

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